Green onyx tile, wall tile, floor tile, composite tile

Original: China

Company: Sunshine Stone Inc.


new material for home decorating., durable , elegant, economic.Advantage of Composite Tiles (Compound Tiles)
1. it's high pressure high pressure phenolic resin composite, more durable than tiles and can endure around 20 tons' pull of gravitation.
2. can bear high temperature, won't be any abnormal phenomena like strip or colors difference when in a temperature of 100? for around 120 hours.
3. it's easy to maintain, the resin layer and porcelian or galss base avoid the onyx & marble getting water or other corrosive materials directly,
   which will prevent the tiles surface from whiskering and yellowing and keep good looking.
4. compound panel is around 2 times lighter than original tile and easy for transportation and installation.
5. because the compound tile are made out of 3mm onyx & marble and 9mm porcelain or aluminium honey comb or glass,
   the cost would be much cheaper than the onyx & marble tiles.


Product Origin: China
Model Number:  
Brand Name: Sunshine Stone

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Company Name: Sunshine Stone Inc.
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